Saulnierville Station Kwik-Way

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Great opportunity to run your own business or expand an existing business in the beautiful semi-rural community of Saulnierville, located on St. Mary’s Bay near the entrance of Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy. This bilingual seasidecommunity is a fantastic place to raise a family, escape the hustle of big cities and live in the safety of a community that is has not been greatly affected by Covid 19.
The Saulnierville Kwik-Way is a successful business with its owners ready to retire. They have carved out a niche in the community and are a destination market with people travelling to find its unique products.
Step inside this convenience store and become a kid again with memories of childhood candy, now only sold in specialty stores. The large selection of hard candy, jellies, gummies, and other sweets are a delight to young and old. Another childhood delight is the cotton candy maker with 14 different flavours. Other newer memories are 4000+ movie DVDs. People of the community of Clare like to check out the classics and the unusual that they do not have access to on streaming services.
Saulnierville Kwik-Way is located in a rural community where there are many backyard farmers. The store provides feed and farm supplies which is more convenient to buy at the Saulnierville Kwik-Way than travelling to other markets.
Like any store, the Saulnierville Kwik-Way carries last minute items that you may need when other stores are closed, like over-counter-drugs, milk, eggs, soft drinks, chips, lottery, stamps, cigarettes, propane exchange, etc. The other advantage of rural life is fireworks. The Saulnierville Kwik-Way brings in quality fireworks for parties and social events.
Last but not least is the food. The store has a lunch counter complete with hard and soft ice cream. Ice cream is a staple of the store where people travel to get not just a scoop, but custom made “flurries” of people’s favourite ice cream and candy combination. Opportunity to create eat in and take out food service as well.
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Retail space 1200 sq feet, dining area 828 sq feet, kitchen 460 sq feet