Valley Frame Decor Inc

Selling Price
Period for Sale
Number of Employees

Sales $282,000.00 in 2023
Cost of Goods $141,000.00 - 50% of Gross Sales
Marketing Expense and Shipping $47,940.00 - 17% of Gross Sales
Gross Profit $93,906.00 - 33% of Gross Sales

Minus Cost of Employee $25,00.00 for 3 months or Yearly $100,000.00
Net Profit $68,906.00

Investment $141,000.00+ 47,940.00 Expense Total Investment $188,940.00
R.O.I. $68,906 divided $188,940.00 equal .36% or every thousand return is $360.000

Add Profit Back to Business there's more accounts to open buy extra stock or invest profit in Stock or reality property $68,906.00

Want one more reason of income or three months $93,906.00
You can do two season per year Spring and Fall

You can do two season with less inventory maybe half and recaptured your Investment in 1 year not 6 months

Sales on road for 2 months
Catalogue preparation 1 week
Shipping 2 weeks
Trade Secret -Catalogue Category + Price Point and Quantity
Trade Secret - China Supplier +USA. Supplier + Canadian Supplier

We supply approx. 5 categories to our clients every year. We keep 5 categories but different products in each category every year.

Serving 20 years with the same clients with two different businesses.