Aquaculture Sites and Waterfront Property

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This business currently has for sale, 93 acres of marine aquaculture sites located in Miramichi Bay, New-Brunswick. Also for sale is 3 acres of Waterfront Property that give you access to the marine aquaculture sites. This opportunity provides any buyer with access to perpetual revenues with limited cost.
The 7 marine aquaculture private sites are currently used for oyster farming. We estimate over 1 Million oysters of different sizes are located on the bottom of these 7 sites. These sites are located on very good spawning area, so they continuously produce new oysters every year. These sites are also licensed for other shellfish.

The waterfront property give you access to the marine aquaculture sites, but is also located in a beautiful, secluded and peaceful area. This property would be perfect for a cottage but also represents an opportunity for real estate income as well. There is currently a 16*20 foot building on site.

For any questions, please contact Jacques Doucet at 506-875-1807 or by email at Visits to these sites are available and can be arranged.